Inspiration, Wood Carving

Rune of Courage

In the weeks following the election I have been overwhelmed with fear for the future. I’ve had a difficult time finding words to describe how I feel, or discussing those feelings with friends and family. As a way to break out of this tail-chasing cycle of fear I began trying to imagine the courage I… Read More Rune of Courage

Wood Carving

Tree-of-Life Cross

I recently created a small carving of a Celtic Cross at the request of a friend. I had the end section left over from the board I used to create the Dragestil mantel carving, a particularly lovely piece of Spanish cedar, and it was the perfect size for this project. This photograph shows the cross… Read More Tree-of-Life Cross

Wood Carving


The Dragestil wood carving that I featured in my previous blog post was started in November of 2015 and I worked on it over time between other carving projects, completing it at the end of July this year. I like to keep a visual record of the process while working on a carving, posting pictures… Read More Dragestil

Wood Carving

Irish Hare Wood Carving

I recently completed a carving in butternut wood of an Irish hare (Lepus timidus hibernicus). According to the Hare Preservation Trust: “The Irish hare . . . is the only species of lagomorph [which includes hares, pikas, and rabbits] native to the island of Ireland. Carbon dating of cave fossils has shown that hares were… Read More Irish Hare Wood Carving