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Abegglen Detail Knife: Carving Demonstration Videos

Bellow are two short videos demonstrating the use of the medium sized Abegglen Detail Knife while carving in butternut wood. I used this versatile carving tool when roughing out the carving shown in the earlier post, Pearl of Great Price. This carving knife makes quick work of the butternut wood, and creates a lovely sounds… Read More Abegglen Detail Knife: Carving Demonstration Videos

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Rune of Courage

In the weeks following the election I have been overwhelmed with fear for the future. I’ve had a difficult time finding words to describe how I feel, or discussing those feelings with friends and family. As a way to break out of this tail-chasing cycle of fear I began trying to imagine the courage I… Read More Rune of Courage

Wood Carving

Old Woman of the Night

This carving started because I wanted to express something about owls, snowy owls specifically. I started with a small image of an owl I had created many years ago in a painting – the owl itself measured only 1/2″ in diameter (below, left) – it was a small detail that I thought would work well… Read More Old Woman of the Night