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On the Care and Feeding of a Wild Soul


Last fall I did something that pushed me outside of my comfort zone – I signed up for an online course called Tarot for the Wild Soul taught by Lindsay Mack. I discovered Lindsay’s tarot work through her podcast of the same name, and her approach to exploring the archetypes of the tarot, particularly around issues of trauma, resonated deeply with me. Transformative is one of those words that gets thrown around quite a lot, but I am sincere in saying that this was my experience as I progressed through the eight weeks of the course, and that expansion has continued well beyond.

Lindsay offers a fresh and soul centered approach to exploring these archetypes, and through her course teaches how to not only understand the symbolism of the cards but also to connect more deeply to them through embodiment – to personally experience the archetypes as a way to gain deeper understanding of our selves. This is where the difference in her approach to tarot really soars, and the reason why I feel taking her course was such a process of transmutation for me.

Now I am doing something again that is outside my comfort zone – I have become an affiliate for the 2019 Tarot for the Wild Soul class that is being offered beginning on March 21st. What this means is that I am sharing in the promotion of that course, and will receive a commission if you sign up and use my affiliate code: NINTHWAVE. I have never used this blog or any of my social media accounts to promote anything in this way before now, so this is new territory for me and makes me a little nervous, but there are two very strong reasons why I have decided to do this:

First: I have personally benefited so much from this class that I would like others to know about it – particularly if you are someone who might never consider learning about the tarot. At first look this may sound like a course for someone interested in learning how to read cards professionally for others, and it is certainly that, but it has so much to offer even if you never plan to become a tarot reader. This is how it has been for me, and I would encourage you to consider taking this course even if you only plan to read cards for yourself.

Second: As a result of taking the course I have begun to explore the archetypes in the tarot from a soul centered perspective through my own creative work. My first project along this line involves making a set of 15 cards based on the Alchemical Aviary Oracle Cards that I posted about earlier. I have enlarged and adapted the designs from my handmade mini deck into a standard tarot format, and I would like to use the opportunity of being a Tarot for the Wild Soul affiliate to raise funds toward printing the first run of these cards. If this course sounds like something you would be interested in doing, signing up using my affiliate code will also mean you will help to support this creative project going forward.

As a personal bonus to anyone who signs up using the NINTHWAVE affiliate code, I will be making a limited edition print of the first of the Alchemical Aviary cards to send to you free of charge (a $60 value). It is my way of thanking you for choosing to support my creative work by signing up with my affiliate code. When you sign up you will be supporting yourself through taking this expansive class, you will be supporting Lindsay in her continuing work as a tarot teacher, and you will be encouraging and supporting me as I explore ways to create artwork that communicates what I have learned from experiencing these enduring archetypal symbols.

Here is the trailer for the course:

Read more about the course and its contents on the Tarot for the Wild Soul website.

Here is how the affiliate code works:

Click one of the links below to be taken directly to the Tarot for the Wild Soul sign up page – my affiliate code will be automatically entered for you, and will show up as a $1.00 coupon discount.

One payment — direct checkout link

Three payments — direct checkout link

Five payments — direct checkout link

You must enter the NINTHWAVE affiliate code either automatically by using one of the links above, or manually by clicking the pink “Add Coupon” link on the sales page accessed directly through the website before checking out in order to qualify for the bonus limited edition print.

Once enrollment closes I will contact you via email to arrange delivery of your signed limited edition print.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the course, and thank you for supporting my creative work!

Trailer and photo credit: Chase Voorhees

Deck Credit: Smith-Waite Centenniel Edition, artwork by Pamela Coleman Smith

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