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The Alchemy Notebook Tormented

Posted by on December 30, 2011

It has only just now come to my attention that original images from the Alchemy Notebook were used, without my knowledge or consent, as part of the Torment online puzzle game that has been active since April of 2007.

This is a screenshot of the ‘childsplay‘ page from the puzzle:


And this is a screenshot of the ‘nevermore‘ page from the puzzle:

The continued use of my artwork in the Torment puzzle game is in direct violation of copyright laws.  It is unfortunate that someone with the level of creative ability needed to design such a puzzle, and someone who labels their own creations with copyright statements, does not have the integrity to respect the copyrights of others.


2 Responses to The Alchemy Notebook Tormented

  1. Nick Riley

    Do either of these images have meaning to them? In other words, do they convey a phrase, word, or location?

  2. Ninth Wave

    Yes, all my work has meaning. And what I think you are asking is if the texts have meaning, and the answer to that is yes as we’ll.

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